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Hobie Kayak Pad Eye (Black Nylon 3/8 inch)

Black nylon pad eye, 3/8 inch size, for Hobie kayaks.

Hobie Padeye is a great way to customize your kayak! Get the most out of your Hobie Kayak gear by using the Hobie Padeye – Black Plastic to customize your kayak gear attachment points. Attach a Hobie Padeye—Black Plastic is compatible with shock cord up to ¼ inch diameter. These are so handy and work with literally any kayak out there. Shoot you don’t have to use them on a kayak. Lots of people use them on so may different applications. They are tough and do not corrode. So let your imagination run wild on how you wanna use these.

- Compatible with shock cord up to 1/4 inch diameter
- Screws not included
- Reminder – 2 screw holes

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