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MiraZyme Odor Eliminator

There's nothing quite like the odor of damp sailing gear left in your car trunk for a couple of days. With one application eliminate those odors from booties, wet-suits, dry-suits and the rest of your gear. A 100% biodegradable product made from a blend of 10 highly specialized, light activated microbial elements. Works by penetrating into pores of fabric, rubber and even hard surfaces to eliminatem odor naturally.

MiraZyme™ by M Essentials™ is a powerful blend of microbes that quickly and easily eliminate odors, so your dive equipment, watersports gear and footwear smells fresh and clean again. Mildew smell, pet odor, mold odor and other unpleasant aromas can ruin expensive gear. Instead of covering up odors, MiraZyme’s naturally occurring microbes remove the bacteria that cause them. So you can keep using and enjoying your gear.

- All-natural odor eliminator
- Removes odor and organic debris
- Removes odors typically associated with mold, mildew, bacteria and algae
- Safe for use on clothing, pets, footwear, dive equipment and outdoor gear
- Biodegradable solution penetrates into the pores of fabric, rubber and even hard surfaces to eliminate odor naturally
- Perfume-free; does not mask odors
- Made in USA
- 8 oz bottle

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