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Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Kayak - Ivory Dune

The newest addition to the Mirage product line-up is the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island, a 18' 6" Trimaran Sail/Yak that incorporates the patented Hobie Mirage Drive into a unique sailing machine unlike any other sailing craft on the water. The Hobie Tandem Island features a boom-less, roller-furling sail rig similar to the rig on the Hobie Bravo with plenty of sail area for excellent performance, completely manageable from the cockpit with the pull of a line. Two retractable amas fold up against the side of the boat for easy docking, maneuverability, and transport. The cockpit is a stable platform, expanded to a tandem, from the Hobie Mirage Adventure Kayak, offering full versatility as a pedaling kayak when conditions are not convenient for sailing. Hobie has upgraded the popular Mirage Drive to the Mirage Drive 180 for hands-free propulsion in both forward and reverse. The new Vantage CT seats have three height options and the ability to recline the seat back for all day comfort. The Hobie Mirage Drive allows the boat to be pedaled while under sail, or simply pedaled with the sail furled for versatility not found in any other sailboat. The Hobie Tandem Island is loaded with additional standard features such as a centerboard, over-sized Twist and Stow rudder, Turbo Fins on both Mirage Drives, mast and sail cover, and an ama/daggerboard bag.

- Two Mirage Drive 180 with Turbo Fins
- Two Vantage CT seats with 3 height options and a reclining seat back
- Roller furling mainsail and a two piece carbon fiber mast
- Two retractable amas that fold up against the side of the boat
- Mast and Sail Cover and an Ama/Daggerboard bag
- Color: Ivory Dune
- Length: 18 ft 6 in / 5.64 m
- Width: 30 in / 76.2 cm
- Width -Amas In: 4 ft 0 in / 1.22 m
- Width -Amas Out: 10 ft 0 in / 3.05 m
- Mast Height: 18 ft 0 in / 5.49 m
- Sail Area: 90 ft2 / 8.4 m2
- Weight: 198 lb / 89.81 kg
- Capacity: 600 lb / 272.16 kg
- Leg Room To Peg: 50
- Leg Room - Total: 52
- Leg Room Rear Seat: 50
- Number of Paddlers: 2 - Tandem
- Type of Kayak: Sit on Top
- Hatches Incl: 4
- Optional Hatches: 0
- Material: Polyethylene
- Made in: USA

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