HO Sports TPU LTD 13" Arc Handle w/ 8 Sec Ski Rope Combo

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HO TPU LTD 13" Arc Handle w/ 8 Section

Spend your summer days on the lake with the Extreme Team 13In Handle w/ 5 Section Mainline Ski Rope Combo from HO. This water ski rope and handle feature TPU end caps for thumb traction and durability. A TPU provides a super comfortable grip at all times and has multi-hue shortening loops to make this rope easy to identify in water. The handle is 13 inches wide with a 1-inch diameter so you can grip it with both hands. With this water ski rope and handle, you'll always have a firm hold while on the lake.


  • TPU Endcap For Thumb Traction And Durability
  • Rope/Handle Package With AWSA Color Coded Shortening Loops
  • Standard 1 Inch Diameter Grip
  • 2 Way Weave Construction
  • Section Tournament Mainline
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