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Hobie Mirage Drive Drum Update Kit V1 to GT

The Hobie Mirage Drive Drum Upgrade Kit V1 to GT includes all the parts you need to upgrade your V1 drive into a GT drive. Replacement parts for the V1 Mirage Drive have been discontinued, if you need replacement parts, you must upgrade to a GT drive and use GT replacement parts. The easiest way to tell if you have a V1 drive is to look at the drum. If it looks like it has a guy dancing on it, it is a V1 drive; if it looks like it has ears it's a V2 drive. See the image for details. This kit will not upgrade the sprocket and masts to be able to use V2 fins. Your V1 fins and sprocket will work with the V2 drive.

- Includes all the parts to upgrade a V1 Mirage Drive drum to a Mirage Drive GT drum
- Must upgrade a V1 drum to a GT drum if you need replacement parts
- Kit only upgrades the drum and chain portion of the drive, not the fins
- V1 sprockets and fins will work with the V2 drum and chain

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