Hobie Part #: 334

Air Flow Tell Tails

Trim your sails for optimum performance. Attached air flow over sails is critical. Air flow directions are indicated by these tell tails. Made of light weight rip stop nylon (Red/Green). Attaches to sails with waterproof adhesive disks.

- Waterproof adhesive locator discs insure long life
- No holes required in your sails
- Ripstop nylon for maximum sensitivity
- High visability
- Includes 14 tels - 7 green and 7 red
UPC: 792176663553

Hobie Part #: 1551

Davis Instruments Deluxe Rigging Knife

The Davis Instruments Deluxe Rigging Knife is made entirely of top quality stainless steel, and includes a dura-edged blade, marlin spike, Screwdriver and shackle key. Telo Rigging Knives are tools paddlers will be proud to own, yet affordable.
- Constructed from top-quality stainless steel
- Dura-edge blade
- Marlin spike
- Screwdriver
- Shackle Key
UPC: 792176064916

Hobie Part #: 72058

Hobie Kayak Cover Adventure Island 2015+

Protect your kayak or canoe with this heavy-duty Hobie Kayak Cover for the Adventure Island. This cover fits over the hull when upright or upside down. Cover fits easily over the hull (like a fitted sheet on a mattress). Straps and pull strings adjust the cover for a tight fit. Cross straps secure the cover for windy conditions and during vehicle transport. Protect your kayak or canoe from UV, weather and dirt. The cover features a the Hobie logo and a red flag at the stern end for travel.
- Straps and pull strings adjust for a tight fit
- Cross straps provide security during transport
- Red storage bag doubles as safety flag during transport
- Fitted for the Adventure Island
- 100% polyester covers are UV/water resistant with double layered double stitched seams
- Material: Polyester
UPC: 792176798354

Hobie Part #: 8030031

Hobie Screw #10 x 3/4 OHSMS-P

Screw #10 x 3/4 OHSMS-P manufactured by Hobie Cat Company.

- Sold individually

UPC: 792176731962

SCREW 10-32 x 3/4 PHPMS

Hobie Part #: 8030981

Hobie Screw 10-32 x 3/4 PHPMS

Screw 10-32 x 3/4 PHPMS manufactured by Hobie Cat Company.

- Sold individually

UPC: 792176850502

SCREW 1/4-20x1 PHMS -P

Hobie Part #: 8031111

Hobie Screw 1/4-20 x 1 PHMS-P

Screw 1/4-20 x 1 PHMS-P manufactured by Hobie Cat Company.

- Sold individually

UPC: 792176296867

NUT (WELL NUT) 10-32 x1

Hobie Part #: 8050221

Hobie Well Nut 10-32 x1

The Hobie Well Nuts ensure a secure water proof fastening system almost anywhere on your kayak. This is the easy way to put almost anything anywhere on your kayak. Have any questions please give us a call we are here to help. Mounting stuff on your kayak is a lot easier than you think with well nuts.

Ensure your kayak is water proof around bolt holes using Hobie Well Nuts. The well-nut threaded insert contains a brass nut encased by a flanged neoprene bushing. Use a conventional machine screw (not included) to tighten. Hobie Well Nuts are must-have hardware for after-market and custom kayak mounting solutions.
- Uses #10-32 machine screws (not included)
- Provides a water proof and secure kayak mounting solution
- For a 3/8″ hole
- Length: 1 inch
- Sold individually
A well nut is a type of fastener used to blindly fasten an accessory and to seal the bolt hole. It consists of a flanged neoprene bushing with a nut embedded in the non-flanged end. The bolt is passed through one of the accessories to be fastened and threaded onto the nut from the flanged end.
UPC: 792176005551

Hobie Part #: 10870000

Hobie Bow Shackle 4.7 mm

4.7 mm bow shackle from Hobie Cat with pin. A common shackle used to attach jib blocks to the jib clew. Also found in several places on the Hobie 14. Another part that should be in every spare parts kit.

- 4.7 mm bow shackle
- 3/16 inch threaded pin
- Solid stainless steel
- Sold individually
UPC: 792176566052

Hobie Part #: 12453011

Hobie Kayak Decal

Hobie kayak logo decal/sticker in black and red.

UPC: 792176288701


Hobie Part #: 71114001

Hobie Kayak Drain Plug Fairing

Drain plug fairing for Hobie kayak universal drain plug.

Hobie Outfitter kayak drain assembly for front position.

UPC: 792176272526


Hobie Part #: 71280001

Hobie Keel Guard for Hobie Paddle Kayaks

A Keel Guard will protect the keel of your boat if dragged along the ground.  The guard will insure a longer kayak life and prevent any future problems from occurring.

- Replacement drag strip for your Hobie paddle kayak
- Will not fit Hobie Mirage kayaks, only newer Hobie paddle kayaks that already have the drag strip installed
- Does not include installation hardware
UPC: 792176400868

Hobie Part #: 71321001

Hobie Kayak Hatch 6" Gasket

TWIST AND SEAL HATCHES have a better seal. The lids also hinge open, so you never lose the lid. Designed with a cork-screw-like mechanism for closure, a simple twist of the handle opens or closes the hatch. As the screw pulls down the hatch, you get a tight seal on the “O Ring”. The round hatch seals around the edge of the cylinder and does not have to be held down against a flat surface to seal. This allows the hatch to seal even if the lid is partially open or tipped. Flip the handle into the recess to “lock” it closed. 6" mount gasket

UPC: 792176802891


Hobie Part #: 72020014

Hobie Rod Holder Extender

Keep your fishing rods secure and reels higher out of the water with the Hobie Rod Holder Extender. These fit right into the molded-in rod holders and offer a larger diameter sleeve that is deeper than the sleeve molded into the kayak. Leash the holder extension to the boat and the rod to the holder using the molded eyelets on each side.
- These fit right into the molded-in rod holders of Hobie kayaks and offer a larger diameter sleeve that is deeper
- Leash the holder extension to the boat and the rod to the holder using the molded eyelets
- 1.75 in. diameter at the bottom, 2 in. diameter at the top (before the flange)
UPC: 792176068921

Hobie Part #: 72020097

Hobie H-Crate Soft Lid

The Hobie H-Crate Soft Lid is designed to fit over the Hobie H-Crate. The vinyl cover has a large zipper opening to keep gear drier and protected from UV rays. The cover was tested under heavy loads, so it will keep your gear in the crate even if it is inverted or tumbled. Easy to install using provided panel rivets. Double zipper is nylon, not corrosive, and functions very smoothly.
- Fits over the Hobie H-Crate
- Vinyl cover protects gear from splash and UV Rays
- Will withstand heavy loads even if inverted
- Double zipper is nylon so it will not corrode
- Easy to install using included rivets
UPC: 792176777700
ELITE-7 Ti  TotalScan

Hobie Part #: 72020206

Hobie Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Sl
Touchscreen Fishfinder / Chartplotter
The Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Touch TotalScan is a touchscreen fishfinder/chartplotter that supports for Low/Mid/High CHIRP and 83/200 /455/800kHz frequencies. With integrated Bluetooth® and wireless connectivity you can download software updates directly to the unit. The 7" wide display allow anglers to view multiple CHIRP sonar settings on one display. The StructureScan® and DownScan Imaging™ provides the best possible view of the environment beneath your boat. The Elite 7Ti Touch has highly accurate, built-in GPS antenna plus a detailed U.S. map. 
- Elite-7 Ti Touch TotalScan Features: 
- Fishfinder/Chartplotter
- TotalScan Transducer Included
- DownScan Imaging™
- Built-In Sonar w/ CHIRP
- 7" Display
- LED-Backlit Color Display
- Internal GPS Antenna
- Charts:
- Navionics
- 500 Watts Power
- TrackBack™
- MicroSD Card Slot
UPC: 792176437987

Hobie Part #: 72020211

Lowrance HOOK² 7 with TripleShot Transducer and US Inland Maps

The world’s easiest fish finder, HOOK² 7 TripleShot helps you have a more enjoyable day on the water by removing the hassle of making adjustments with a simple menu layout, easy access to key features and game-changing Lowrance® Autotuning sonar.
You will be free to focus on fishing with Autotuning sonar, a new feature that actively adjusts sonar settings as fishing conditions change. You just fish and let HOOK² take care of sonar performance – performance powered by TripleShot 3-in-1 sonar. 
Anglers will cover more water in less time and find fish and fish-holding structure more easily with TripleShot 3-in-1 sonar. TripleShot features wide-angle, High CHIRP sonar -- with double the sonar coverage of most fish finders -- plus, SideScan and DownScan Imaging™.
Returning to your favorite fishing spot or finding a new one is easy with the navigation features in HOOK2, including a built-in, high-detail US map with 1-foot contours of more than 3,000 lakes.
- 7-inch SolarMAX™ Display
- Automated sonar settings
- Easy to find fish with double the sonar coverage of traditional fishfinders
- Easiest-to-use menus
- Optimized keypad with one-touch access to key features
- Lowrance® Tripleshot™ 3-in-1 sonar with High CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging™
- Built-in, high-detail U.S. map or worldwide basemap
- Mapping options include C-MAP®, C-MAP Genesis, Navionics® and more
- MicroSD card slot.
- Easy front-dash or gimbal-bracket mount
UPC: 792176958512

Hobie Part #: 72020400

Hobie Cradle Set - Adventure Island 2010-2015

The Hobie Cradle Set for the Adventure Island kayak model years 2010-2015 keeps your boat riding smooth on your trailer or rack. The cradle is attached to the cross bars of your trailer and creates a custom fit so your boat stays secure and doesn't warp. Mounting hardware not included.
- Cradle fits to your trailer or vehicle rack
- Fits the Adventure Island for model years 2010-2015
- Prevents warping
- Trailer and Cross Bars not included
- Mounting hardware not included
UPC: 792176581062

Hobie Part #: 72021066

Hobie Livewell Large Battery Lid

Large size battery lid for Hobie Livewell system.

UPC: 792176004110


Hobie Part #: 72021114

Hobie Kayak Power Plug Through Hole Backing

Though hole backing for Hobie power plug.

UPC: 792176199410


Hobie Part #: 72025007

Hobie Fishfinder Battery Holder

The Hobie Fishfinder Battery Holder can be used to hang inside an 8 in. Twist and Seal hatch or mount to the mast receiver inside the hull. Battery sold separately.
- Includes options of hanging inside an 8" hatch or mounted to the mast receiver
- Battery sold separately
UPC: 792176313120

Hobie Part #: 72026211

Hobie Railblaza 5" Fixed Extender

5 inch long fixed extender for Hobie Railblaze mounting system.

UPC: 792176274421


Hobie Part #: 72040012

Hobie Rhino Nautic Kayak Lifter

A complete system for easily loading and unloading sit on top kayaks. 80kg (176 lb) load capacity, does not require any heavy lifting and a single person can operate it using the included winch. The unit is designed to be neatly stored on the roof of your vehicle beside your kayak when not in operation. Important Note: Designed to fit Rhino roof rack systems with bar overhang with at least 100mm. Contact Rhino for other rack Mfg compatibility.

UPC: 792176463955


Hobie Part #: 72730002

Hobie Island Series Kayak Dodger (Silver)
The Hobie Dodger is a spray, cool breeze or sun shade for your lower body. Deflect bow spray, block cool breezes and stay warmer in cold conditions. Works like a small pop-up tent. Loops of bungee connect to the boat via small fittings installed along the rails. The entire dodger folds forward to enter or exit the kayak, to make pedal adjustments or reach items in the cockpit. An access panel is built-in for using the sailing rig. A great combination when there is wind and spray! Great for hunters, animal and bird watchers as the Dodger conceals your legs movement. The Hobie Dodger makes your kayak a sit-inside sit-on-top! Installs in minutes initially, but installs in moments once the fasteners are in place. Packs away into a small stow bag 5” round by 24” long (1.8 lbs). Mirage Dodger Fits the Hobie Mirage Outback, Sport, Adventure and Revolution kayaks (May fit other models with some modification to hardware placement).
UPC: 792176390336

Hobie Part #: 79050214

Hobie i-Series Kayak Scupper Plug

Scupper plug for Hobie Inflatable series kayaks.

- Sold individually

UPC: 792176209805

AKA AI V2 - RT FWD 2015-

Hobie Part #: 79503801

Hobie Adventure Island AKA V2 (Forward Right)

Hobie Adventure Island kayak AKA V2 (Forward Right). 2015 and newer Adventure Islands.

UPC: 792176978923


Hobie Part #: 79510201

Adventure Island Mast Bag Pre 2014

Mast bag for pre-2014 Adventure Island kayaks.

- Fits pre-2014 Adventure Island masts

UPC: 792176196471


Hobie Part #: 79523101

Hobie Island AKA Brace Assembly - Island Solo V1

The Hobie AKA Brace Assembly is the replacement assembly for the Hobie Island Solo kayaks. The AKA brace is the support bar that connects to the boat and to the AKA for additional support. The V1 version fits models produced prior to August of 2011. If you have a model from 2012 and more recent you will need the V2 version part 79523201. Sold individually.
- Hobie replacement AKA brace
- V1 version fits models produced prior to August of 2011
- Support connects the AKA bar to the boat
- Length: 22 in / 55.88 cm
- Sold individually
UPC: 792176148838

Hobie Part #: 79546701

Hobie Adventure Island Sail V2 (Bahama)
Hobie Adventure Island sail in Bahama colorway. This is a replacement sail designed for Adventure Island kayaks built since 2015, sometimes called V2 models.
UPC: 792176222507

Hobie Part #: 80010401

Hobie Mirage Drive Spare Parts Kit - GT ST Fins

The Hobie Mirage Drive Spare Parts Kit includes everything you need to make minor repairs to the Mirage Drive GT. Kit includes an ST fin, mast, sprocket, set screw, allen wrench, chain, clevis pin and ring and a cotter key. All in a handy zippered pouch. Don't waste a day on the water when your Mirage Drive could easily be repaired. This kit is for the new Mirage Drive with Glide Technology. The Mirage Drive GT will have a gray drum and sprockets where the V1 and V2 drives have a black drum and sprockets. The GT version will also have decal that says "Glide Technology".
- Includes everything you might need for a quick repair
- Don't waste a day out on the water
- Stores in a handy zippered pouch
- Keep it in your boat so you're never caught off guard
- For Mirage Drive with Glide Technology
UPC: 792176994350

Hobie Part #: 80046102

Hobie Pro Angler 17 Kayak Cart with Tuff Tires

Full size dolly for the Pro Angler 17 (not AI or TI). Includes a hull / ama cradle, and a pull handle. Much stronger and easier to load and use than plug-in carts for larger, heavier models. Includes Tuff Tires for hard launching surfaces. The handle makes it easier to insert or remove the cart under the boat or pull along when un-loaded. The handle also acts as a “kick-stand” to keep the cradle upright during loading. The handle and are easily removable for storage.

- Dolly for Pro Angler 17
- Includes Tuff Tires for hard surfaces
UPC: 792176075349

Hobie Part #: 81000101

Hobie MirageDrive 180 Left Pedal Pad - Camo
Hobie replacement Mirage Drive 180 left pedal pad in camo.
UPC: 792176744023

Hobie Part #: 81013001

Hobie Mirage Steering Handle 2011+

The Hobie Mirage Steering Handle is a replacement steering handle for Hobie Mirage kayaks model years 2011 and newer. Will not work for the rudder up/down control. Sold individually.
- Replacement steering handle for 2011 and newer Mirage kayaks
- Fits 2011 and newer models
- Does not replace the rudder up/down handle
- Sold individually
UPC: 792176925446

Hobie Part #: 81163001

Hobie Mirage Drive V2 Standard Mast

The Hobie Mirage Drive V2 Standard Mast is the replacement steel mast for attaching the fins to the Mirage Drive System. The V2 Mast is threaded on one end and screws into the Mirage Drive and attaches with a set screw. The V2 Standard mast fits the Hobie Standard fins and Hobie ST fins, but NOT the ST Turbo fins.
- Replacement Hobie mast attaches the drive fins to the drive unit
- Replacement Hobie drive masts are sold individually
- Mast is for standard and ST fins, not ST Turbo
- Mast attaches to drive with a set screw in the drive
- V2 threaded version for drives produced after ~7/2008
UPC: 792176643449

Hobie Part #: 81188001

Hobie Mirage Drive 180 - Turbo Fins

The Hobie Mirage 180 with turbo fins gives you hands-free propulsion in both forward and reverse. The twin underwater turbo flippers propel you with surprising speed. The new MirageDrive features Hobie's MD180 shifting technology to go from forward to reverse in a moment. The new Mirage Drive still features the popular Glide Technology so you can pedal faster, more efficiently. The turbos fins provide a larger surface area for maximum speed. The pedal-drive system on the Hobie Mirage kayaks makes it a great choice for anglers, photographers and anyone who would like their hands free while in their kayak. Features Turbo Fins and neoprene foot pads and self centering pedals.
- Replacement drive fits all Hobie Mirage kayaks
- MD180 shifter allows you to go from forward to reverse in a moment
- Self-cleaning mechanism (resists wear from sand and other particles)
- Features new neoprene foot pads and self centering pedals
- Turbo fins
UPC: 792176344544

Hobie Part #: 81259001

Hobie Replacement Seat Back Strap with Hook

The Hobie Replacement Seat Back Strap with Hook is the OEM replacement for lost or damaged seat straps. The Hobie Replacement Seat Back Strap with Hook comes with the plastic hook attached.
- Comes with plastic hook attached
- Replacement for lost or damaged seat straps
- Sold individually
UPC: 792176744863

Hobie Part #: 81400001

Hobie Kayak Hi Density Tubing

Hi density tubing for Hobie Twist-N-Stow rudder systems.

- Foot of tubing

UPC: 792176172094


Hobie Part #: 81401401

Hobie Kayak Handle Cap Drain

Replacement drain handle cap for Hobie kayaks.

UPC: 792176559764


Hobie Part #: 81611101

Hobie Kayak Click-N-Go Assembly - Left/Port

Hobie Kayak ClickNGo Well Assemby for left (port) side of kayak.

These are replacement Click And Go assemblies that allow Hobie's MirageDrive systems to easily attach to your Hobie Mirage kayak. If you need to replace just one side please take note of the side you need and order the correct side. They come with 2 built in Hex bolts that are made to bolt into an existing Hobie Kayak. They do not work as a retro fit on the old style of twist and lock.

UPC: 792176689614


Hobie Part #: 84500911

Hobie Pro Angler Rod Holder Assembly (Left)

Rod holder assembly (left side) for Hobie Pro Angler kayaks.

UPC: 792176865070


Hobie Part #: 84501211

Hobie Pro Angler 12 Rod Holder (Left)

Left side Rod Holder for Hobie Pro Angler 12 kayaks.

UPC: 792176939887


Hobie Part #: 84507412

Hobie Compass Seat Assembly
Complete seat assembly for Hobie Compass kayaks.
UPC: 792176211396

Hobie Part #: 84517001

Hobie Kayak Sail Furler Kit

The Hobie Kayak Sail Furler Kit is going to make sailing a whole lot more simple. Instead of rolling up your sail by hand, this easy-to-install rigging kit can be added to any Mirage kayak sail kit. Kit comes complete with all the hardware you will need and installation is simple. See the Instructions on the Resources tab.
- Furling kit for Hobie Mirage kayak sail kits
- Much faster than rolling up the sail by hand
- Fits all Hobie Mirage kayak sail kits
- Kit includes all necessary hardware
- See complete instructions under the resources tab
UPC: 792176585763

Hobie Part #: 86505611

Hobie Thru Hull Plug

The Hobie Thru Hull Plug is a replacement plug that allows you to thread wires through the hull of your boat to install fishfinders, GPS and more. One plug, nut, and o-ring is included.
- Thread wires through the hull of your boat
- Includes plug, nut and o-ring
- Sold individually
UPC: 792176167129

Hobie Part #: 86506101

Hobie Lowrance Star Mount Adapter

Lowrance star mount adapter for Hobie Pro Angler kayaks.

UPC: 792176538790


Hobie Part #: 88991201

Tandem Island V Frame Base

Mast V-Frame base for Hobie Tandem Island kayaks.

- V-Frame Base
- Works with all Tandem Island kayaks
UPC: 792176766049

Hobie Part #: 91011001

Hobie Replacement Batten Cap

The Hobie Batten Cap is the replacement batten end cap for the Hobie Adventure Island Sail. End cap fits on the end of the battens and attaches the sail to the batten. Sold individually.
- Replacement end cap for the battens on the Hobie Adventure Island Sail
- Attaches to the sail to the batten
- Sold individually
UPC: 792176922674

Hobie Part #: 99304501

Adventure Island AMA V2 Replacement (Hibiscus)

Adventure Island AMA V1 Replacement in Hibiscus for 2015 and newer boats.

- Adventure Island AMA V2 Replacement in Hibiscus
- Fits 2015 and newer model year boats
UPC: 792176567370

Hobie Part #: RH038WHT

10mm Strait Core Polyester White

10mm strait-core polyester line from Hobie Cat.

- 10mm
- White
- Sold by the foot
UPC: 792176125259
SHACKLE 3/16x1/2x11/16

Hobie Part #: SP150051

Bow Shackle Threaded Pin (3/16 x 1/2 x 11/16)
Diameter: 3/16". Width: 1/2". Length: 11/16".
- Sold individually
UPC: 792176526483

Hobie Part #: SP180006

Safety Shackle w/ Captive Pin (1/4")

Diameter: 1/4". Width: 7/8". Length: 1 5/8".

- Sold individually

UPC: 792176175391

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