Hobie Part #: 84503

Hobie Kayak 2-Piece Sail Mast

The Hobie Sail Mast is the replacement mast for the Hobie Kayak Sail. This is a 2-piece replacement mast and does not come with the sail.
- Replacement mast for Hobie Kayak Sail
- Sail sold separately
- Two piece replacement mast
- Sold individually
UPC: 792176283379

Hobie Part #: 8004531

3mm Nylon Braided Line Black

1/8" basic nylon braided line in black.

- 3mm / 1/8 inch nylon line
- Black
- Sold by the foot
UPC: 792176229872
NUT 10-32 HEX

Hobie Part #: 8050231

Hobie Nut 10-32 Hex

Nut 10-32 Hex manufactured by Hobie Cat Company.

UPC: 792176408055


Hobie Part #: 8080791

Hobie Washer Nylon Flat (TNS)

Washer nylon flat (TNS) manufactured by Hobie Cat Company.

- Sold individually

UPC: 792176969709

GASKET SET 5.5,  7.125, 9.250

Hobie Part #: 71320001

Hobie Gasket Set

Hobie Seal Gasket Set - easy install foam gaskets will help the hatch rim seat properly against the kayak deck as well as work to keep water out. Gasket set includes sizes 5.5, 7.125, 9.250
- Gasket set for Hobie Kayak
- Foam material to help hatch rim seat properly
- Works to keep water out of the hatch
- Set includes - 5.5, 7.125, 9.25
- Material: Foam
UPC: 792176706311

Hobie Part #: 71707004

Hobie Trim-Lok Pro Angler Hatch Seal Upgrade Kit

Hobie is now offering a hatch seal upgrade kit (part 71707004) for pre-2018 Pro Angler series kayaks. The Trim-Lok seal provided in this kit is pre-cut to match the perimeter of the PA 14 front hatch lid. For the PA 12 and 14, the seal can easily be trimmed to fit. Applies via a peel-and-stick adhesive backing to the underside of the hatch lid. Simply clean the area with rubbing alcohol, let dry and the seal installs quickly and easily.
- Pre-cut to match the perimeter of the PA 14 front hatch lid
- Used in conjunction with firm plastic hatch covers to create a seal
- Seal can easily be trimmed to fit
- Peel-and-stick adhesive backing
UPC: 792176892021

Hobie Part #: 72020141

Hobie Kayak Gear Trac GTTL90 8in with Hardware

GearTrac GTTL90 makes your kayak not only adjustable, but fully configurable, enabling you to change your seup from one outing to the next. GearTrac gives you the ability to go from a fully rigged kayak fishing machine to a flat deck in minutes. Includes 1 track with backing plate & fasteners. The GTT90 features the innovative, patent pending, top loading design. At just over 7/8″ (22mm) wide, the GTTL90 is perfect for kayaks and enables users to insert a Mighty Bolt from the top in addition to the ends, allowing for easier access & installation of multiple accessories. Rated for medium to heavy duty use.

UPC: 792176546658


Hobie Part #: 72020177

Hobie Kayak Power Pole Mount Plate Only

Mounting Plate for attaching the Power-Pole Micro Anchor Motor to your Hobie Pro Angler.

- Mount plate for Hobie Power Pole
- Mounting plate ONLY - no hardware included
UPC: 792176091165

Hobie Part #: 72021002

Hobie Kayak Livewell Battery Charger

The Hobie Live Well Battery Charger is the replacement battery charger for the Hobie Live Well battery. This is the charger only, 6v battery and live well sold separately.
- Replacement battery charger for Hobie Live Well battery
- Designed to work with the Hobie Live Well 6 volt battery
- Battery not included
UPC: 792176510390

Hobie Part #: 72021010

Hobie Livewell 90 Degree Intake

90 degree intake assembly for Hobie Livewell.

UPC: 792176096979


Hobie Part #: 72025009

Hobie Pigtail Wire

The Hobie Pigtail wire is the wire connection for a 12V battery. It is 12 feet long for most installation configurations. Use to wire fishfinders, live wells, or other electronics.
- Connection for a 12V battery
- 12 feet in length
- Use for fish finder or live well batteries
- Length: 144 in / 365.76 cm
UPC: 792176601777

Hobie Part #: 72026016

Gerber Controller 10" Fishing Fillet Knife System

Make short work of messy business. The Controller Fillet Knife System is designed for clean, smooth cuts with a flexible blade that provides just the right amount of give. The intuitive GuideFins™ & tactile HydroTread Grip™ offer ultimate control of the knife, even in slippery conditions.
- Blade: 9Cr18MoV
- Handle: Glass-reinforced nylon & TPE, flat sage + black
- Fine edge, flexible blade
- Mirror polish + corrosion resistant blade
- HydroTread Grip™ 
- Finger choil
- Lanyard hole
- Sheath system w/ built in sharpener, pocket clip, belt loop, & vents
UPC: 792176619079

Hobie Part #: 72542001

Hobie Kayak Dome Decal HCWW Gold

Hobie Cat Worldwide gold color dome decal/sticker for Hobie Kayaks.

UPC: 792176487708


Hobie Part #: 74030002

Hobie Kayak Paddle Drip Ring

Replacement drip ring for fiber glass aluminum shaft Hobie kayak paddle.

UPC: 792176634249


Hobie Part #: 79052019

Hobie Inflatable Kayak Paddle Holder

Paddle holder for use on Hobie inflatable series kayaks.

UPC: 792176570653

TRAMP SET AI (- 2014) - GRAY

Hobie Part #: 79527011

Hobie Adventure Island Trampoline Set - Older (Gray)
The Hobie Mirage Island Adventure Trampolines are made from mesh vinyl as used on the Hobie Catamaran products. Available in Grey and Black they are easy to install and give you the added benefit of more storage, a place to chill, better performance and are just plain cooler looking. Paddle storage, gear pockets and lanyard grommets included. Set of two. Fits Hobie Adventure Island kayaks model years 2014 and older. For 2015 Adventure Island trampolines you need part 88527001 or 88527011.
- Added space for carrying gear, reduces spray in cockpit
- Allows you to move weight outboard for better performance in windy conditions
- Comfortable sitting or laying down position
- Carry additional crew / kids / pets (does not increase basic weight capacity)
- Fits 2014 and older Adventure Islands
- Color: Gray
UPC: 792176335375

Hobie Part #: 80046001

Hobie Heavy Duty Plug-In Kayak Cart

The Hobie Heavy Duty Plug-in Kayak Cart has a much higher capacity and tires with tread that are more rugged than the standard plug-in cart or the Trax carts. The Hobie Heavy Duty Plug-in Kayak Cart's capacity far exceeds the weight of the heaviest Hobie kayaks. Tire capacity lists as over 200 lbs per tire. These tires are foam filled and standard rubber tire with deep tread pattern.The Hobie Heavy Duty Plug-in Kayak Cart is the recommended cart for the Tandem Island.
- Welded stainless steel construction
- Wheels are easily removable for storage
- Includes cart keeper feature
- Cart clamps included
UPC: 792176899617

Hobie Part #: 80046124

Hobie Replacement Cradle for Pro Angler 17 Dolly

Replacement Cradle for Pro Angler 17 Dolly by Hobie Cat.

UPC: 792176515395


Hobie Part #: 81123001

Hobie Mirage Idler Pulley for Mirage Drive GT

The Hobie Mirage Idler Pulley for the Mirage Drive GT is a replacement idler pulley for the Hobie Mirage Drive with Glide Technology. The idler pulley holds the idler cable which attaches to the Mirage Drive sprockets. The Mirage Drive GT will have a gray drum and sprockets where the V1 and V2 drives have a black drum and sprockets. The GT version will also have decal that says "Glide Technology". Sold individually.
- Replacement pulley for Hobie Mirage Drive GT
- Idler cable not included
- Sold individually
UPC: 792176662624

Hobie Part #: 81160001

Hobie Mirage Drive V1 Standard Mast

The Hobie Mirage Drive V1 Standard Mast is the replacement steel mast for Hobie Mirage Drives that utilizes a set screw connection in the sprocket. The Hobie Mirage Drive V1 Standard Mast fits the Hobie standard fins that come with most Hobie kayaks as well as Hobie ST fins (not ST Turbo).
- Replacement Hobie mast attaches the drive fins to the drive unit
- Replacement Hobie drive masts are sold individually
- Mast is for standard and ST fins, not ST Turbo
- Mast attaches to drive with a set screw in the drive
- V1 set screw version for drives prior to ~7/2008
UPC: 792176367345

Hobie Part #: 81362001

Hobie Rudder Mount Pin - Tandem/Outback/Sport

The Hobie Rudder Mount Pin is the replacement rudder pin for the Hobie Mirage kayaks. Pin attaches the up/down Mirage rudder mount to the kayak hull and operates smoothly without the need for lubrication. Fits the Sport, Outback, and Tandem. Fits models produced prior to 2007. Does not work with the Twist and Stow rudders.
- Rudder mount pin attaches the rudder mount to the kayak hull
- Pin assures a smooth operation without the need for lubrication
- Fits Pre-2007 Models
- Does not work with the Twist and Stow rudders
- Includes split rings
- Length: 4.5 in / 11.43 cm
UPC: 792176150725

Hobie Part #: 81392001

Hobie Kayak Twist N Stow Rudder Control Arm

Hobie Twist-N-Stow rudder control arm replacement for Hobie kayaks.

UPC: 792176106579


Hobie Part #: 82420001

Hobie Rudder Cover - Adventure Island & Tandem Island

The Hobie Rudder Cover provides rudder protection for 2011 and later Adventure Island and all Tandem Island Rudders. The red color helps for additional trailering visibility.
- Red color helps for additional trailering visibility
- Fits 2011 and later Adventure Islands and all Tandem Islands
UPC: 792176069706

Hobie Part #: 84500104

Hobie Pro Angler H Bar Fork

H-Bar fork for use on Hobie Pro Angler kayaks.

UPC: 792176982494


Hobie Part #: 84504801

Hobie Pro Angler Stern Tube Handle

Stern tube handle replacement for Hobie Pro Angler kayaks.

- Color: Blue gray

UPC: 792176676553


Hobie Part #: 84507501

Hobie Pro Angler 12/14 Vantage ST Seat

Replacement seat for 2013 and newer Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12/14 kayaks. The Vantage ST seat is an extremely comfortable, fully adjustable mesh seat that features rollers for both back and thigh support adjustments. It also has an knob on the back for adjusting the lumbar mesh tightness. This is the standard seat for the 2013 and newer Pro Angler 12s and 14s, it will not work on the Hobie Pro Angler 17T, which uses a slightly different seat (the Vantage XT) or other Hobie Mirage kayaks.

- Replacement seat for the Hobie Pro Angler 12 and 14 
- Will not work on the Pro Angler 17T or other Hobie Mirage Kayaks
- This mesh seat features back support, thigh support and lumbar support adjustments
- Roller barrels on the left and right side of the seat enable you to adjust thigh support and back support
- Will only work on 2013 and newer Hobie Pro Angler 12s & 14s
- Original Hobie OEM item
UPC: 792176490135

Hobie Part #: 84622001

Hobie H-Rail Universal Mounting Plate

The Hobie H-Rail Universal Mount Plate attachment allows you to attach any accessory to the Hobie H-Rail. The mount plate is easy to drill and thru-bolt to. It clamps to the 12-sided H-Rail without any drilling or tools needed. When the clamp is secured, the mount plate does not twist or slide along the rail. Loosening the clamp allows you to remove the accessory or slide it along the length of the rail. Fits the H-Rail on all 2015 Pro Angler 12, 14, and 17 kayaks.
- Universal plate allows you to attach any accessory to the Hobie H-Rail
- Add or remove the mount plate without the use of tools
- Clamp secures the mount in place without any twisting or sliding
- Easy to drill and thru-bolt in to
- Attaches to the H-Rail on 2015 Hobie Pro Angler 12, 14, and 17 kayaks
UPC: 792176625667

Hobie Part #: 86505101

Hobie Steering Crank Support - PA 12/14 (After 2013)

Steering crank support for Hobie Pro Angler 12 and Pro Angler 14 kayaks after 2013.

UPC: 792176736721


Hobie Part #: 88991303

Tandem Island AMA (Papaya)
AMA for all Hobie Tandem Island Kayaks in Papaya. Upgraded bow shape for speed. 
- Tandem Island AMA, works on either side
- Papaya color
UPC: 792176879237

Hobie Part #: 88995512

Tandem Island Sail 2015+ (Smoke)

Tandem Island sail in smoke colorway, part number 88995512, for 2015 and newer Hobie Tandem Island kayaks.

- Smoke color
- Works with all 2015 and newer Tandem Island kayaks
UPC: 792176435051
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