HO Sports Electron Kneeboard w/ Powerlock Strap 2017

HO SPORTS Electron Kneeboard 2017

The best entry level kneeboard that will provide you with absolute fun and an exhilarating workout. The large surface area and low center of balance makes moves like the backwrap 180 and the hand to hand 360 a snap to learn while on this Electron Kneeboard by HO. The shape of the diamond tip and tail allow for quick release off of the wake along with effortless spin initiation. The easy ease up handle holder is superior for deep water starts while the fully adjustable strap is comfortable and has a custom fit. This kneeboard will turn you into a hard core knee shredder in no time as you enjoy the sunshine and this kneeboard that will keep you coming back to the water over and over.
- Diamond tip and tail for quick release off the wake and effortless spin initiation
- 4 Molded in Fins for maximum stability and control
- Large Orthotic Knee Pad for Comfortable Ride
- PowerLock Single Locking Knee Strap for maximum comfort and ease of use
Characteristics: Easy to Ride
Fins Four: Molded Fins
Securing System: Powerlock Single Strap
Material: Roto Molded Plastic
Rider Level: Beginner
Shape: Square Tip and Tail
Warranty: One Year
Color: Red/Yellow
Manufacturer: HO Sports
MPN: 63707050
UPC: 054065646048